Tips For Chartering A Private Plane

Business or pleasure trips, passengers usually choose commercial flights as their aircraft of choice. Given an option, however, chartering a private aircraft can provide ease, comfort and convenience that would otherwise be unavailable on a regular airline. Here we have some friendly tips to help you out if you ever decide to fly in ultimate style.

Find out the details
Talk to a professional, be it a broker or a company that specializes in chartering. You would want to ask them about their crew’s experience, limits on their insurance, and whether or not the operator gets audited independently. Other factors to consider include details like the how their invoices break down and any extra fees that you should be aware of.

Know the number of passengers that will be boarding
This is so important, to know the number of bodies that will be flying to ensure a safe, comfortable and smooth flight. When choosing the right sized aircraft for your flight, the number of people aboard will give you the best idea to plan so that you will have the information at the time you are ready to book.

Be an early bird with your bookings
There is a high demand for private aircraft bookings. Guests will have a better chance of a bigger variety of options if they plan early. Passengers can avoid the problems involved in late bookings and scheduling. There will be so much more room to find the flight that best suites your needs.

Get help
Using a third-party company such as a charter broker or charter operator is highly recommended as there are so many details to planning and chartering a private flight. There are so many little things that can be overlooked that a chartering company can help you with for a small fee. If you are new to this arena, it is recommended to outsource a chartering company for this specific purpose.

Do your research
As a preliminary, do your research to allow for the quickest and most efficient process. This will help you get a quote more accurately and you will be better prepared to receive the information. If you hired a broker, you can get their help with the details so they can match you to the best aircraft and operator possible for your flight plans. Compare flight options in regards to time of travel, dates, number of people you will travel with in your party and luggage requirements. You will also want to do your research to accommodate the location you plan to fly to and depart from.

Charter with a reputable company
You should always ask a charter company for their Air Carrier Certificate. It is very simple advice, but this will ultimately provide you with the best experience and save you from a nightmare of a flight. If the aircraft operator is legal they will have this FAA certificate, which is an important regulatory and safety documentt to ensure that you are protected with well established insurance considerations.

Be flexible and ready for changes
Details such as having to fly from different airfields than the one you planned or having to fly at a later time should be considered to receive a better quote from your broker, trust the professionals with their recommendations.

  • October 22, 2018