Security Measures

Boarding A Private JetOne of the biggest benefits of flying via private charter jets is the security and privacy you enjoy. When flying with us, we want you to feel safe, and that is why our security measures go beyond industry standards beginning all the way from your airport commute, to boarding your private jet, all the way until you arrive at your destination; at every leg of your journey we go the extra mile to guarantee the safety and security of you and your companions. Here’s a closer look at some of the measures we have in place.

Privacy at Regional Airports

One of our foremost promises to any of our passengers is that their privacy will be maintained at all times. We manage to do this by making use of regional airports throughout the Houston, Texas region thereby avoiding the crowds and time-wasting security hassles you’d otherwise have to endure.

Airport Arrival

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your safety, security, and comfort. Depending on your service selection we can even arrange for you to step out of your vehicle right at your jet’s doorsteps and step off the jet right into a waiting vehicle once you arrive at your destination. The possibilities are endlessly flexible. Simply inquire about these services to receive the full schedule of possible arrangements.

Secure Airport Areas

Once you arrive at the airport in your vehicle, you’ll be ushered into a secure lot area accessible only to chartered jet travelers and staff. This will guarantee you inviolable security and a comfortable certainty that your privacy will not be invaded.

The Check-In Process

Checking in can actually be as simple as verifying your identification. When flying via chartered private jet, you don’t have to go through x-ray machines, endure long queues, or undergo random security checks and wand searches commercial airports like to put their passengers through. A minimal, non-intrusive baggage check might be all that’s carried out, but this is just to guarantee the general safety of the passengers and staff aboard the chartered jet.

Baggage and Identification

A simple and quick identification verification procedure will be carried out before boarding your jet. Baggage security inspection is not necessarily mandated but we prefer to encourage it in the interest of passenger safety. We fully appreciate the fact that this is your private charter jet but we also wish to guarantee the all-around safety of both passengers and crew, which will enable everyone onboard to take to the skies with full confidence in their safety.

Customs Checks

Whenever your chartered flight crosses international borders, you’ll be required to undergo the destination country’s customs procedures just as you would go through U.S. customs should your flight have originated outside the country. Domestic flights need not worry as much about customs.

Domestic Flight Procedures

Most Private Jet Charter Houston flights are domestic, meaning no international border crossings are undertaken, and our security measures and policies fully comply with U.S. guidelines. It isn’t much different than driving across states in a vehicle.

International Flight Procedures

International flying can be exhilarating, but you must keep in mind the security implications this entails. We go out of our way to inform and advise our clients about the security policies of whichever their country of destination is in order to guarantee that everything goes smoothly. Put your faith in us. We know what we’re doing.

Post-Flight Procedures

Once you touchdown, our staff will politely and briefly direct you on exit procedure and how to get to your destination accurately. We offer optional transportation to wherever you might need to be straight from the airport. With us, you’ll reach your destination safe, relaxed, and refreshed, ready for work or play in earnest.