Safety Standards

Aircraft MaintenanceWhen it comes to flying, we understand better than most the overriding importance of safety. We appreciate the responsibility our passengers place in our hands to take them from point A to B intact. Our proactive approach to flight safety is above and beyond industry accepted standards because we aim to deliver superb services in all aspects of your flight experience.

Our Priorities

Our team of experts and aviation professionals goes into every intricate detail of fleet safety, coupling this with a continuous program of expanding the skill sets and knowledge bases of our pilots as well as keeping our staff up to date with the very latest in-flight safety best practice. Our goal is to ensure that whenever you step into one of our private charter jets, you do so with the utmost confidence and relaxation, safe in the knowledge that you could not be in better hands.

Flight Crew Experience

We only take the very best pilots into our employ, with the experience and flight hours in their respective jets to guarantee that they have full mastery over the aircraft they will be operating. Aside from the rigorous training regimen they undergo before taking to the skies, they are subject to continuous retraining programs including flight simulations in addition to being required to pass regular safety standard programs. They strictly adhere to our standard operating procedures which strictly comply with FAA guidelines.

Stringent and Meticulous Maintenance

Our technicians and mechanics are federally licensed and through continuous learning programs, are eminently qualified at all times to work on their particular aircraft. We go above and beyond the basic requirements of avionics safety requirements by taking a proactive approach to aircraft maintenance. When you step into a private jet charter flight in Houston, you can rest assured that every nut and bolt of your jet has been thoroughly inspected to guarantee your safety and comfort.

Documented Processes

From the compilation of detailed and in-depth operations reports, conforming with all FAA standards and regulations, ensuring constant aircraft certification; to maintaining high-performance standards for our pilots and staff, our organization goes the extra mile in safety compliance by making use of highly detailed checklists and documented processes at each and every stage of the charter flight process. We leave absolutely nothing to chance.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our modern fleet boasts some of the most advanced technological safety features in aviation. Our pilots, technicians, and staff undergo continuous training programs to keep up with every advance in the field. This is to ensure that our passengers enjoy the very safest flight quality that technology has to offer.

Uncompromising Compliance

We do not believe in taking shortcuts. We understand that making the decision to book a private jet is not one to take lightly and we, in turn, take our responsibility to you very seriously. To this end, we maintain a culture of strict compliance with FAA safety rules and regulations, even though this will sometimes come at an extra cost to us. Your safety is always our paramount priority.

Get In Touch

We’re always more than happy to answer any question you may have with regard to our safety track record with fully available safety standard documentation. We will help put any fears you may have to rest so that you may book your private jet charter in Houston with the very utmost confidence.