Pricing And Costs For Chartering A Private Jet

Chartering a private aircraft has a mysterious air to it that makes us think it’s only for the billionaires and oil tycoons of the big business world. With a bit of education in this area, you can make the right choices with the correct information on pricing and options.

To begin, whereabouts is your point B? From where you are to where you want to go determines the type and size of aircraft you want to charter. Larger aircraft can carry your further, especially if you do not plan making a layover somewhere for gas.

You will also need to take into consideration, the weight and number of baggage as well as the bodies that will board the plane with you. Aircraft that can hold more weight means more money and larger sizes.

Prices can also vary depending on when you plan to depart, whether it be a red-eye flight or not. Another huge factor is when you plan to travel, as peak periods raises the prices to charter a plane much more, Christmas and New Years would be at its all time high. Returning plans can affect the cost because if the plane has to come back without any planned passengers, you may have to cover the costs as well.

Flight costs range from light, mid, and heavy jets, inclusive price range from $9k to $85k depending on the flight time of 2-6 hours. Average price per hour including fuel surcharges plus taxi rate ranges from $5000-$6000 for heavy jets and $3300-$4800 for midsize jets. These hourly rates can vary a lot depending on the condition and the age of the plane. It would be most recommended to contact a charter broker to customize the best plan for you.

Here are some essential costs to show you our breakdown for these prices:

  • Segment fees: taxes per passenger regulated by the government.
  • Ramp fees: charges for the length of time for a plane to be parked in the airport.
  • Landing fees: ranges from $100-$500 depending on the weight and size of the plane. If your aircraft is being refueled at the airport, there are terms to have them waived because these fees are used to upkeep the airport’s buildings and runways.
  • Phone: in-flight phone use charges.
  • Cleaning fees: if you are bringing pets or have messy toddlers, these fees cover these situations.
  • Catered meals: customized meal plans outside of standard beverages and snacks.
  • Crew overnight fees: charges per crew member required which includes transportation, lodging and food, expect between $150-$600 per night.
  • Crew per diem fees: food on day trips, expect $75 per person.
  • International fees: when travelling outside of country, there are requirements for customs, permits, and taxes.
  • Federal Excise Tax: 7.5% per flight is applied
  • Fuel: there is a huge variance in this cost, you will be quoted by your charter broker depending on location, surcharges, and an hourly rate.
  • Wait time fees: when plane is not in flight, you could get charged if minimum usage requirements are not utilized.
  • Short leg fees: minimum distances will also have to be utilized, otherwise there will be a minimum charge fee.
  • Reposition fees: if you charter an aircraft to fly from where its from to your local airport.
  • One-way fees: one way trips require that the aircraft you charter return to its home base alone without passengers.
  • De-icing fees: only applies in areas where there might be snow or ice.
  • October 24, 2018