Jet Charter vs Commercial Airline Travel

Crowded Airport TerminalThere’s a lot to be said for choosing to take a private jet charter over the more traditional commercial flights. Read on to see just how chartering a private jet will make your travels much more satisfying on so many levels.

The Airport Hassle

Anybody who’s had to travel by plane commercially will attest to the fact that airports can be some of the most dreadfully frustrating and interminably boring places you could find yourself. They take something out of the anticipation of a pleasant flight or a destination much looked forward to. The overcrowding, baggage checks, weight restrictions, boarding deadlines and overall tiresome nature of commercial flight really doesn’t hold a candle to charter flight.

Imagine having one of our transport vehicles pick you up and bring you to your own private waiting area where your Houston private jet charter will be patiently awaiting you; no lines, no X-rays, no crowds, and no intrusive security checks to sour your mood. Picture again having access to exclusive regional airports that might in many cases be a lot closer to your destination than commercial airports; it doesn’t get much better than that.

The In-flight Experience

When flying commercial, it’s all too likely that you’ll be seated in a sea of humanity with all the crying babies, hyperactive kids, and noisy teenagers you’d expect to find wherever more than fifty people are gathered. Sometimes the seats won’t even recline right.

Chartered jet travel is a world removed from this. You’ll be surrounded by friends, family, and acquaintances in luxurious leather seating with all the in-flight gadgets and amenities you could imagine. All for you and yours set amidst the most welcoming and relaxing setting.

Cabin Crew

We can all appreciate the fact that the cabin crew’s work on a commercial airplane can be really difficult; not through the staff’s fault but owing to the sheer numbers of passengers they have to cater to. Specialized attention is sometimes well near impossible, because chances are you won’t be the only one with a particular need at any one given time. The numbers just don’t allow for it.

On the other hand, when you make the choice to charter a private jet with us we go a mile further than the extra mile to ensure your every need is catered to and then some. Be it a specific meal you’d like, a particular concern you may have, or any general request you might be of a mind to make, we’re on hand to make it happen for you.

The Aircraft

No doubt it can be really nice flying in a big commercial airliner, but keeping this in mind, imagine how many orders of magnitude more luxurious it would be to take to the skies in an exclusive charter jet fitted with all the amenities you could want. We have a wide array of heavy and light jets for you to choose from – whatever you requirements may be, we’re sure to have something that’ll fit the bill perfectly.

Time Spent

Even should you be hopping to a nearby city or state, commercial flights can take a disproportionately long time to get you there. The explanation for the time wasted isn’t to be found in the skies but right down here on the ground. Factor in the airport commute; the line and security check-in; possible delays; and the whole process repeated once you finally arrive at your destination and it isn’t hard to see where all the time goes.

A charter jet is the last word in flexibility. You set your departure time and you forgo all the associated hassles of commercial air travel. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you want to get there fast, a private jet charter is the way to go.

The Cost

A lot of people have the assumption, mainly derived from media portrayals, that chartering a private jet is the exclusive preserve of the super-rich and powerful – far from it. Costs are indeed high but a shift in perspective shows how it makes sense after all; what you should consider is what the return on your investment will be. How much time will you have saved? How much work can you get done during the flight? How refreshed and well-rested will you be upon arrival? How much more fun will you have?

The answers to these questions should be all you need to realize that what you get out of chartering a private jet is definitely worth the outlay, if not more.

What to Choose?

When considering your next commercial flight, consider these factors and if you decide upon engaging a private jet charter in and around Houston, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a private consultation. You won’t regret it.