Interior Options For Private Jets

There’s something about the inside of a luxurious private jet, it is more like walking into the penthouse suite of a high-end apartment or hotel. They usually include master bedroom suites with guestrooms, all equipped with full amenities bathrooms. With a full kitchen and bar, sometimes even dishwashers and ovens, the business of a private aircraft has really taken off from where they used to be.

There are options in VIP airliners that give space to play in cabins that can be customized to your desire. Where a normal commercial airline can hold 500+ people, the airbuses can be designed to be a space to play or socialize, like the hall of an exclusive hotel. This of course is a very unique offering in private aircraft, the very high-end of customization.

Private aircraft manufacturers have taken to give a lot of attention to the interior design of jets of all sizes such as furnishings, floor materials and seat designs. Comfort levels for the passenger is taken greatly into consideration with lighting, temperature controls, pressurization and technology for communicating.

Bedrooms & living space
Privacy and increased space for sleeping is the ultimate luxury that makes private jets stand out from airline flight. Cabin space is filled with comfortable seating that allows you to rest more comfortably with more room to recline. During short flights, you can rest better with adjustable armrests and headrests, as well as extended legroom to stretch out. The majority of private jets do not have a king-sized bed on board, but they do give you much more space and privacy to sleep, compared to an airline flight. If full reclining of your seats with the ability to convert into a comfortable bed is more of your thing, then medium and long range jets are the aircraft of choice.

Kitchens & dining rooms
Special catering requests are available for all flights, where proper glassware, cutlery and china are provided to service delectable meals. Sandwiches and cold cuts, as well as fruits can be brought on board for small to medium jets. On larger aircraft, full kitchen facilities with ovens and fridges are available for staff to prepare gourmet meals and drinks to the passengers. There are even options for dining tables so that guests can enjoy a formal dinner or a celebration for special occasion meals. Premium catering standards are applied to accommodate dietary preferences and other allergies whether it be a romantic dinner for two or a business lunch on board, meals can be arranged ahead of time.

Restrooms & bathrooms
Bathroom facilities vary depending on the size of the jet, the larger the aircraft, the more spacious and well-equipped the restroom is. Aircraft manufacturers have taken notice to installing stand-up shower options for long range flights where passengers do enjoy a hot shower before landing. And of course, the most luxurious private jets of all include multiple bathrooms and showers, and even a steam room.

Not only are private jets a time machine for the business classes, they also act as a luxury getaway for those who want to have a personalized and unique flight experience. Not only will passengers feel comfortable and well-cared for, they will not feel the pressure and stress of long flights with these amenities.

  • October 17, 2018