Empty Leg Flights

Boarding A Private JetIt’s a little-known fact that a private jet charter in and out of the Houston area isn’t necessarily as expensive as one might think. It’s actually possible to board your own private jet at a fraction of the typical cost, be it for business or for pleasure in order to get the luxury experience of charter flights. You may wonder how. It’s simply by means of using empty leg flights.

What are empty leg flights?

Whenever an aircraft’s flight doesn’t originate from the airport it’s currently in for whatever reason, it needs to be repositioned to the airfield from which its scheduled flight will be taking off. This repositioned flight will usually contain no passengers save for the pilots at the helm; this is referred to as an empty leg flight.

How You May Benefit

You may be able to catch an opening aboard an empty leg flight at a dramatically lower cost by booking a spot on a plane whose repositioned route departs from your location heading towards your intended destination. Throughout Houston and other nearby destinations, this makes for a great way to enjoy charter jet flying without breaking the bank.

One Way Charter Flights

For the most part, private jet charter flights will return to their base airport without any passengers on board. Should you be located within the area where the jet begins its return flight, and have as your destination the plane’s point of origin, you might have the opportunity to enjoy a heavily subsidized luxury charter jet flight. Of course, you might have to be a bit flexible with regard to the make and model of the jet plane in question, but it’s definitely worth it.

Empty Leg Flight Bookings

There’s a constant availability of these flights available to you so long as you’re not too picky as to the type of jet you’d like. All you need to do is let us know what your destination and point of origin are, and we will inform you of upcoming openings that might suit your needs. Should you find one of these suitable, we’ll let you know what the total cost of the trip will be coming to, a figure that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Saving Costs

The beauty of the empty leg flight arrangement, and why it works to the advantage of everyone, is that we get to subsidize the cost of bringing our plane back home while splitting some of the cost savings with you, the client. That’s why the flight experience, while cheaper, is of the exact same standard of luxury and all-around quality you would get on any other regular charter jet flight.

Empty Leg Flights for Excursions

A great way to make use of these flights is for the occasional weekend excursion or adventurous getaway. A private jet charter might just be what you need to make your leisurely trip the experience of a lifetime.

Light jets or Heavy Jets?

The best part of taking an empty leg flight might just be the option to choose between light jets and heavy jets for your charter flight. While light jets are perfect for single party or small group hires, heavy jets amply accommodate larger parties such as travel groups and corporate travel groups. With our large fleet of jets, (link here) you will have a wide selection to choose from.

Domestic Empty Leg Flights

A greater percentage of empty leg flight availability falls under the category of a domestic flight to and from Houston and within the U.S. You can literally go city hopping or stop over in the next state, all according to your preference.

International Empty Leg Flights

Though less commonplace as the domestic kind, you may also come across empty leg flights going across the border into Canada or Mexico, or even longer-range intercontinental destinations, all depending upon their availability. There’s really no better way to see the world. Make a consultation with us beforehand so we can see how to help you make your international chartered private jet adventure a reality.