A Look At A Private Jet Pilot’s Day Planner

Unlike a glamorized pilot played by Leonardo DiCaprio in “Catch me if you can”, the life of a private aircraft pilot is often much more than just flying a plane. We want to take a snapshot of a day in the life of a pilot and what their 24 hours look like in the sky.

There are many more responsibilities than just the mere act of flying, a lot of planning and coordination is involved in the aircraft piloting business. Here is an excerpt from a trained pilot and what his day entailed (specific details and names have been taken out for privacy concerns).

05:00 hrs – Left my home for the airport in a taxi.

05:25 hrs – Arriving at one of three private jet terminals here locally.

05:40 hrs – Getting a quick debrief from my First Officer and coordinating on what is needed to prepare before departure.

06:00 hrs – Welcoming my passengers as they arrive at the entrance.

06:25 hrs – Greeting the family as they arrive so I can escort them through security to the waiting aircraft. There was quite a bit of baggage to be checked.

06:35 hrs – Starting engines so we can taxi to the runway.

06:40 hrs – We departed from our starting point on time, thankfully there were no slot delays today!

07:00 hrs – Climbing rapidly to 40,000 ft and gave control to the first officer after aircraft was put into cruise mode. I made a quick social call with the aircraft owner as I left my first officer in charge. As there are no locked flight deck doors on a private jet, I can have quick chats with the families I fly to build relationships with them, it’s a great part of the job that many captains enjoy.

09:35 hrs – We reach our destination and land in a dedicated private jet airport. I escort the family to their waiting car so they can be transported to their yacht in 20 minutes.

10:15 hrs – Our flight attendant joins us as requested by our next group who wanted an extra crew member on this flight. Our stop included a quick refuel before we repositioned for our next stop on an empty leg.

10:35 hrs – Arriving at our next departure point, we begin to prepare the aircraft for the next flight, which is a charter flight.

11:30 hrs – With some final checks for full fuel, aircraft flight deck programmed, flight plans filed, and cabin cleaned meticulously, our aircraft is fully ready to take on the next group. There is a request for catering to be served on board, so all items were delivered and placed in the fridge.

12:00 hrs – Lunch time for the crew and I, we go for a quick bite at a nearby cafe.

13:00 hrs – Awaiting the arrival of our next set of passengers at departure.

13:30 hrs – The group arrives which consists of family and friends who are going to their next destination for a short break. I escort them with a warm welcome to the awaiting aircraft.

13:45 hrs – No delays at the departure, we were on schedule as the family are served lunch and drinks by the flight attendant.

15:25 hrs – We land at their destination as we wish the group an enjoyable weekend.

16:00 hrs – There are no more flights planned so we put the aircraft to bed.

17:00 hrs – We check into our hotel which is very close to the airport and I catch up on some emails for business as well as with my family.

19:00 hrs – We go exploring in these new and small towns. The perks of private jets are that they have dedicated private airports in a smaller town so we get to absorb ourselves into different cultures and areas to visit during our layovers.


We do it all over again, there’s so much freedom to our plans and flights, it’s really something we’re proud to be a part of.

  • October 10, 2018